LY 85

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Human life had no roots, floating like dust over footpaths.

Dispersed bit by bit by revolving wind, here, the self was already ever-changing.[1]

Upon entering the gate of immortals, could the mundane world be stood apart from?

With divine capabilities, could all be done as one’s heart desired?


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4 thoughts on “LY 85

  1. Thank you so much Chichi and big thank you to kind Donor. 🙏❤️💐May everyone live long and prosper. 🍀🦚🥰


  2. Thank you vert much for picking up this story ! I tried to read it mtl but couldn’t understand a single think ans thus gave up, so I’m really grateful !


  3. 5th series from my reading list being translated by you Chichi 😏

    I’m gonna keep count; see how many you end up translating :>

    I haven’t read Liu Yao and I’m reluctant to start since you’re only commissioned till 92. I’ll hold off until I know what the future holds for the remaining 17 chapters.

    As always, thank you to the person who commissioned it and to you Chichi ❤


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