FYC 47: Seeing a Ghost

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Character Guide and Glossary

Paying New Year’s respects during celebrations was a given. At dawn of the first day of the year, Tang Fan went with Sui Zhou to the Sui’s to pay respects to the latter’s parents, ending it with a trip to the neighboring Zhou’s to pay respects to Madam Zhou.

Her son had returned to the capital, making her house lively. Elderly folks like her most loved to watch the excitement of their descendants filling the halls. She also had repeated praises for Tang Fan, a junior she had met already, and introduced him to Sui Zhou’s uncle’s family.


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC 47: Seeing a Ghost

  1. I am quite disappointed in WZ. Why does everybody try to get what they want by abusing kids?!
    Thank you for translation


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