FYC 34: They’re Done For

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Character Guide and Glossary

Doctor Sun pointed at the spot the needle had just been drawn out of. “There’s an acupoint here called shuifen. As Northern Song’s Bronze Figures have long stated, ‘If there’s edema, moxibustion is very effective. Use seven to a hundred moxa, no more. Do not stick with a needle, as hitting the fluid inside will prompt death.’ For that reason, it’s claimed that it can only have moxibustion on it, not acupuncture, but the truth is that it can be needled; it’s simply that some are unskilled at the craft, and it’s easy for them to stick it in too deep, leading to tragedy.”


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Character Guide and Glossary

6 thoughts on “FYC 34: They’re Done For

  1. Are we going to sail the Tang×Wang ship now??? Sui Zhou, come get your man quickly or I will push him into Eunuch den!!!!


  2. Is it just me or does Tang Fan have a little bit of chemistry with Wang Zhi? The latter also seems to be quite interested in him, even if it’s not exactly romantic yet.


  3. ‘Rest In Peace’ brave customers. Wishing u a good departing for the yellow river
    ~( ̄ .  ̄)~*


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