FYC 22: How He Would Compliment Someone

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Character Guide and Glossary

The conversation coming to that point, Li Man, of course, could not offend Tang Fan too greatly, so he had to personally bring him to Lady Zhang’s living space and let him go in for an inspection.

Her corpse had already been moved to a side room. This area was the equivalent of a crime scene, but because the body had been shifted, said scene was thus equivalently destroyed. At first look, it was difficult to find any clues of use.


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Character Guide and Glossary

7 thoughts on “FYC 22: How He Would Compliment Someone

  1. The TN note at the end had me rolling 😂😂😂

    Tang Fan’s surprise shade was amazing I didn’t expect him to go that hard at somebody he’d just met but he really went in for the kill!


  2. SZ has complimented TF. i like it. I’m actually getting super exited about every small development in their relationship.

    Thank you for translation!


  3. Ohh I really like TF and he is so better in novel then in drama! I am so glad I will be able to read it whole thanks to you! Thank you!


    • Agreed. 😬 He was starting to really annoy me in the drama so I dropped it and came here instead. His character is a lot more reasonable and collected in the novel so far, so I’m liking him more here.


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