FYC 17: The Culprit

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Character Guide and Glossary

The old woman was already more than sixty, her head full of gray hairs. Her age and physical strength were evidently not enough to allow her to move very fast, but she still used the entirety of her effort to do so, feet going at flying speed. Passing through the dense courtyard, she was very soon gasping for breath, her forehead giving off sweat.

“Oh, Nanny Cui! Where did you come from? Here, wipe your sweat off!” Shan Cha had lifted the curtain to come out from inside only to catch sight of Nanny Cui’s sorry state, promptly taking a handkerchief out of her lapels and passing it to her.


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Character Guide and Glossary

6 thoughts on “FYC 17: The Culprit

  1. She might have plotted to kill that son of a b*tch, but damnnnn, there was not was single word of hers I didn’t agree with👌


  2. It is quite tragic that those “noble” families are so wicked.
    Thank you for translation!


  3. What a messy family 😳😬😮🤭 hope this is over – I can’t bear any more of their dirty laundry. 🤕


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