LS 45: Heart Joyed by Thee

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With a downlike sigh, Jing Qi reached up and swiped his face hard before sluggishly standing. “What’s the matter with him now?”

Ping An gazed at him awkwardly, and, not long after, Jing Qi understood why, because Wu Xi not only came doggedly barging in, but his steps staggered so that he narrowly plunged headfirst into his arms.

A suffocating whiff of alcohol attacking his face, Jing Qi frowned. Wu Xi swayed as he strived to grab his sleeve in a want to stand up on his own, his half-open eyes appearing to be out of focus.


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19 thoughts on “LS 45: Heart Joyed by Thee

  1. if i was jby i would be so done with romance after all that.. on the same day too.. like.. bruh. also, wu xi.. i get that youre sad but damn dont bite him, he didnt say that you could. also the difference between hly and wx is that hly gets mad at jby for the situation but wx is mad at (only) ming hua. at least hly didnt put his hands on jby tho, i swear the only contact theyve had for years is like.. touching their wrists or something.. wx better sober up and do it better. jby, i do not blame you if you run away from it all


  2. Uh, Wu Xi had some vicious thoughts but he didn’t act on them nor would he when he was sober. HLY would definitely kill them. Wu Xi went to drink his sorrows while HLY wanted to go directly to the brothel to kill Ming Hua. Here’s the difference. Don’t tell me no one has had vicious thoughts. Wu Xi is a straightforward person. He wouldn’t kill someone when he doesn’t have hatred with them. But being drunk and expressing those vicious thoughts is exactly like him. This is the most botched up confession I have ever read. But it’s very realistic. I mean, if he confesses later, who knows what more self-destructive, image-destroying things would the MC do? *shudders*


  3. Everyone is crazy for Jing Qi. It’s like he attracts the crazies.
    I swear I remember one of Wu Xi’s guards asked him what he would do if Jing Qi didn’t like him back and he just said he would still be there. NOTHING ABOUT TAKING OTHERS OUT!

    No one is going to Jing Qi get away easily.

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  4. this is so funny to me jshsjsjs what’s up with jing qi that he makes the people that love him go crazy


  5. All of this just makes me wonder what kind of soul Beiyuan has that the people who love him can go and murder others… He must be some sort of devil himself lol inciting such sinful thoughts


  6. Lmao that moment when the guys that like you either wanna kill you or want to kill the people who dare to like you as well 😂😂😂✔️

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  7. I was expecting a very romantic confession from Wu Xi, not a drunk threatening one. let’s hope we still get a romantic one when he sobers up

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  8. Jinq Qi be like “???!? @~@ *panics a bit*” and after waking and sobering up, Wu Xi will join him in doing just that, with emphasis on the panicking xDDD
    Thank you~ gosh is it just me or did this chapter feel short. Maybe it’s cause I just really want them to have an actual convo with both parties conscious so I went through this in a flash xD I hope the next chapter won’t switch to sth else and focus on just that owo

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  9. Tsk Tsk Wu Xi. Bite someone’s neck off is not a good way to confess. I hope he’ll apologize and make amends for this behaviour. Not cool.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  10. Thank you!!! I was expecting a bit more mature confession tho…Why did he have to drink so much?? Can’t they just talk properly ehh…

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  11. Omg. That was 💔. The sobering up will not be fun either 😢.
    Thank you for the update, not letting us hold in suspense for long. Bless to you. 🙏💝💜🌹🌻


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