GS 73: Midnight

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Vivid Harmony had been a famed name for years, and Huaiyang food was an even further rarity in the capital. When Fu Shen came in the door, someone was already waiting for him in a private room. Gu Shanlu, dressed in everyday wear, got up to greet him. “You’re here, General. Please, come inside quick.”

When they had said their goodbyes outside the city that last time, he had still been a very minor Imperial Censor of shallow influence. After the chaos divided everything, he had been put into a rather hefty position by Changzhi, and even promoted to a senior official of the Censorate in Jiangnan, ranking as one of the nine great subjects of the Hall of Prolonged Honor. After returning to the capital, he still oversaw the Censorate, maintained order in denouncements, and heard what music was being played on the wind.


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10 thoughts on “GS 73: Midnight

  1. “When you come back, I’ll have a sparkling clean Court for you.” i love love looove when the ML does things like this for their sweetheart, that devotion! that skill!

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  2. “When you come back, I’ll have a sparkling clean Court for you.”
    BEST GIFT EVER, not only for Fu Shen but for everyone one else.
    Out with that crap court!

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  3. Mistreating the empress was the worst mistake the Changzi emperor ever made. If his relationship with Fu Ling was good, then Fu Shen and by extension Yan Xiaohan would be a lot more loyal to him now.

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  4. Hi, I’m glad I stumbled apon this novel I love the dynamic between the two main characters I’m gonna miss them once it’s over!


  5. “Mediocrity wasn’t awful, but having high goals with little skill was. Being an idiot also wasn’t awful, but being a sciolist was” …but the Emperor is still an idiot isn’t he? I’m just gonna sit here and watch as I’ll chew my popcorn waiting for the clean court swept by our very own YXH for our dear FS ❤❤❤

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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  6. Yes!! That crappy court sure needs your cleaning up, hmp! Dont even leave a spot, YXH! You shld do it to protect your beloved 💪❤
    Many thanks for the update ☺

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