GS 48: A Soft Heart

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The Prince crawled up, disoriented. “W-what’s going on…”

Yan Xiaohan looked at the man behind them in utter bewilderment.

Ren Miao held the fire iron in his left hand, frowning when he moved his right one about; apparently, he had sprained his wrist from the sudden force. Sensing Yan Xiaohan’s gaze, he raised his head and smiled at him, eyes filled with apology. “Sorry, I was hasty just then. Didn’t hurt you, did I?”


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11 thoughts on “GS 48: A Soft Heart

  1. Lol glad to find that comment that exactly mirrored my thoughts… that didn’t yxh just a whole back warn fs not to blindly go on adventures without backup? And then he goes and walks right into a trap all alone himself? Men, smh… I read the character guide since I couldn’t hold back my curiosity, so this is just setting up a trope for this ren miao guy to come and save yxh from the trap right?


  2. Hope this kid aint leading YX to a big problem. And Ren Miao, your true identity can’t b that simple, right? 😏

    Thanks a lot for the chapter!🌹


  3. These people are going to make a human sacrifice?! Sooo scary!

    Ren Miao definitely has something to do with that. Maybe he’s going to stop them! I’m still thinking he’s the fox, hoho.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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