GS 37: Slipped the Net

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The layout of Clear Void Monastery was comparable to that of ordinary Daoist temples. The building was symmetrical on its central axis, the main hall serving as the hall for the Three Pure Ones, thus enshrining their statues. Beyond that, there were four more temple halls, the lecture platform, drum towers, and so on. The whole temple’s scale wasn’t very big, but its verdant greenery was superb, its winding pathways leading to secluded places. It installed a section of a peaceful land within the secular world.


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16 thoughts on “GS 37: Slipped the Net

  1. Really, thank you so much Chichi for translating this. I think this book is going to be one of my favorite. The characters and story just get more and more interesting the further it gets 😍


  2. Tang Guo’s eyes shone when he heard the words ‘Doctor Shen’, but after learning nothing had happened to him, he nodded expressionlessly.

    Wasn’t Tang Guo the one who helped Dr. Shen when he accidentally took the mystery drug?

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  3. I’m sorry I couldn’t focus because of Du Leng’s name…….. Duleng means crossed eye in the local langauge here and I couldn’t focus because of it…until now I am trying to hold my laughter in….

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  4. Can anyone remind of who is this Zhe Clan again? Their name sounds familiar but I don’t remember their role in this story.


    • There is no fix seme, they are a switch couple. They both are the seme and uke. But the ML is Yan Xiaohan


  5. I’m so glad Fu Shen can recover his health… But now they all have seen him standing?! That’s dangerous If it gets to the emperor’s ears.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. Loving this but I’m completely confused about what’s going on and what MC’s true character is. He seems loyal, yet cunning, and yet not. His personality seems to change on each chapter.

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    • Cunning is characteristic of a general; lots of great military tactics in history have been nothing but mere feints and plays. You can be both cunning and loyal, in that you’re cunning on the one you’re loyal to’s behalf.
      Fu Shen is a good man at heart, who is… going through some mental stuff right now. Being good doesn’t mean being a pushover, or not having the ability to scheme against those who betrayed your trust, or not being impulsive at times, like he is.

      As for what’s going on… there’s many things! You’ll have to be more specific on what you’re confused about, haha.

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