LY 108

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Tang Zhen paused in midair, the myriad of ghosts freezing in waves after him. Their faces were blank, at first, after which a subtle trace of confusion emerged upon them at the same time.

For a minute, many thoughts in his head resembled sparks blowing out in the wind after a fire had been put out, rising up and falling down in quick succession, a complete mess.

He simply could not fathom this. Who had destroyed his actual form?


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5 thoughts on “LY 108

  1. Damn Chichi you rock!
    Just one more chapter and I’ll be able to finally read this! I’ve not read a high quality wx/xx/xh danmei since Peerless.. btw! I know this is an entirely different works, but thank you so much for translating these Extras as well.

    Really looking forward to when The Fourteenth Year of Chenghua is done as well. Though that might be some years away still, haha.

    Stay healthy and thanks again!


    • Thank you so much for your wonderful work 🙏💐👏so grateful to kind donor 💓💓💓


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