FW 68: Letting Go

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After walking for a stretch of time, Cao Weining realized that Gu Xiang was being quiet. She had been, ever since that scene of turmoil from the start of the night.

Gao Xiaolian, a reserved young woman, was not especially familiar with them, and was just fine with not speaking on her own initiative, merely following behind them distantly while she carefully helped Zhang Chengling with leading the reins; the little guy was holding his new Great Famine sword in his arms while dozing off on the horse’s back. His drool was flowing onto its neck, dampening its hair and causing the little horse to shake its head the whole time.


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19 thoughts on “FW 68: Letting Go

  1. To whoever commisioned this novel. Thank you very very much! And chichi, thank you for picking this novel, you’re a great translator. ❤

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  2. Omg! You’ve picked this up !! I’ve been waiting so long. Thank you so much 😊
    Thank you – the kind soul who commissioned you ❤️🙏🥳 May you live long and prosper 💓💐

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  3. TvT)/ thank you so much kind soul for the commission and chichi-san for your wonderful translations as always huhu..

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  4. To whoever commissioned this: I LOVE YOU!
    That person probably saw the drama coming out and wanted to read the fully translated novel too. XD
    Also thx to the translator for the well done translation of course. 😉

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  5. Thank you so much for picking up this translation again Chichi!! This makes me so happy as I only finished chapter 67 a few days ago and thought I’d be waiting for a long time before the translation will be completed. Love your translation as always : ) A big shout out to the beautiful soul who commissioned this translation. Thank you thank you!


  6. 😳 so glad someone commissioned it and you’re translating it!! Thank you

    I’m gonna have to start reading novel and catch up to 68

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  7. Wow! Big thanks to the donor. Will you still put out an epub? As I dislike reading on the PC or phone, I really appreciate “Golden Stage” and “Lord Seventh”. 🙂
    And thanks for your very readable and enjoyable translation.

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  8. Thank you and the sponsor for the chapter! It’s a great surprise! I just hope previous translator won’t be upset that you’re translating it till the end now.


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