Eastward Flow

CH: 向东流[重生]
Author: One Wash in the River (江一水)
Chapter total: Prologue + 83 (+ 15 extras)
Pairing: F/F
Rating: NC-17
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Zhongli Shuo knew that her Empress was the only one in the world who could give her the same support that she herself gave. She respected her and understood her, but the one thing she didn’t dare do was let the Empress know that she loved her.

After awakening once again from the raging fire, and then meeting once more, could they still be together?


[T/N: This translation is permanently dropped due to lack of interest from both readers and mostly myself. It’s not a bad novel at all, but it’s extremely slow-paced and has a tendency to repeat its points too much. Pick it up as you see fit.]

Table of Contents

[This work has no chapter titles. The translator will be making them up.]

Ch. 1: Yuezheng
Ch. 2: Re-Meetings
Ch. 3: The Institute
Ch. 4: Princess
Ch. 5: People Have Changed
Ch. 6: New Year’s Eve Night
Ch. 7: An AWOL Ruler
Ch. 8: A Familiar Face
Ch. 9: An Unfamiliar Person

Ch. 10: Longing
Ch. 11: Drinking
Ch. 12: Jiwu Dagger

Ch. 13: Commander Yang
Ch. 14: Gift Infiltration
Ch. 15: Something Urgent
Ch. 16: Not an Illness