Didn’t Know the General Was Female

CH: 不知将军是女郎
Author: Rong Qing (荣青)
Chapter/Character Total: 45 (+ 3 Extras)
Pairing: F/F
Rating: PG-13
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[T/N note: This is… not a bad novel, but not a great one. My translation on it is dated and has tensing issues up the ass, which I don’t find worth the time to fix. Be forewarned.
Also, the chapters originally had no titles (minus the extras), so I made them up just to give them some kind of descriptor.]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Ridiculous Way to Go (by MediocreTranslations)
Chapter 2: Twelve Years Ago, Again (by MediocreTranslations)
Chapter 3: Little Brother is a Little Punk
Chapter 4: Apologizing
Chapter 5: Visiting the Cousins
Chapter 6: Tortoise-Note
Chapter 7: SPIDERS!!!
Chapter 8: Broken Hairpin
Chapter 9: Lots of Copying
Chapter 10: Birthday of a Lightweight
Chapter 11: Lantern Festival
Chapter 12: To the Northwest
Chapter 13: Letter to Home
Chapter 14: Snow-gazing
Chapter 15: Calling It Off
Chapter 16: Evening-Light Cup
Chapter 17: Discovered
Chapter 18: Xiao Wenyan Sucks
Chapter 19: A Familiar Stranger
Chapter 20: That Familiar Stranger Has A Big Fat Mouth
Chapter 21: Tree
Chapter 22: Five Years
Chapter 23: Shyness
Chapter 24: Jiahui Gets A Bad Idea
Chapter 25: Yep, It Was A Bad Idea
Chapter 26: One Loss
Chapter 27: Water Bandits
Chapter 28: Soft
Chapter 29: I’m Here
Chapter 30: Delirium
Chapter 31: Shame Cocoon
Chapter 32: Make ‘Em Run
Chapter 33: Going Northwest, Again
Chapter 34: Settling In
Chapter 35: Red Dress
Chapter 36: You Jinru
Chapter 37: They’re Busy Right Now
Chapter 38: Out With A Bang
Chapter 39: Xirong Onslaught
Chapter 40: Marquis Pingbei
Chapter 41: Crossing the Threshold
Chapter 42: The Bridal Chamber
Chapter 43: Living the High Life
Chapter 44: Missing
Chapter 45: Ever After
Extra 1: [Modern] A Separate Path and Different Conclusion
Extra 2: [Ancient] The Wives Return Home
Extra 3: [Ancient] A Wishful Dream of Ten Years: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Fan Media

Extra 3 by Ririka
You’re Great, Jiahui by Bitter Black Beans