Cang Wu Bin Bai’s BL Works, In Chronological Order

The Transition Period of a Break-up/分手过渡期
(Completed, 157094 char/43 chap)
The eldest, and a dogblood drama. The title is accurate. It’s available entirely for free.

Mutually Allowing a Stand-in/替身相许
(Completed, 201136 char/53 chap)
The second-eldest, more of a comedy. A guy gets saved from an incoming car, and the savior who took the hit for him dies. A decade later, he finds another guy who’s the spitting image of his savior. Dramedy ensues.

Golden Stage – Having your third work be a smash hit isn’t bad at all.

Goldthread Mynah/金丝鹩哥
(Completed, 23942 char/9 chap)
A very short story set in modern day about some guys named after birds. It’s available entirely for free.

A Romance in Dou Dizhu/斗地主之恋
(Completed, 140792 char/41 chap)
Dou Dizhu/Fight the Landlord is a card game I know nothing about. You kick a landlord’s ass in it or something, obviously.
There’s an NU page for it (different title, mine is just very literal) and a translation in very early stages of development.

Spring Wind Past the Blade/春风度剑 (In-Progress)
A wuxia. I’m very willing to translate this once it’s finished, whenever that’ll be.


Return to the Jade Capital/还玉京 (Waiting to Write)
Not conceived yet, does not exist.

Broken Array” (Unaffiliated Work)
Someone blatantly plagiarized Golden Stage via copy-pasting passages from it into their own “novel” and got shut down pretty quick.