CN Translation Commissions

Translating is very time-consuming, as is learning Chinese. My rate is much lower than a professional translation (which is 4-10¢ cents per word or something ridiculous), and lower than a lot of other people’s that I’ve seen (40 bucks for a 3000 character chapter would be on the low side, I swear), but always be aware that it definitely adds up! Spend wisely, spend wisely.

Proofreading is included in the final product. Chapters can be cranked out in 1-3 days, depending on length, and will be done in the same style I do any translation in. What I’m willing to translate isn’t limited to novels, however.

My standards are way lower when they’re paid to be, obviously. Any novel that might have normally made me balk – like extreme length, heavy subject matter, another group working on it, or just not being exactly my taste – is no longer an issue. Though I’m not likely to do so, I still reserve the right to deny any request for any reason.

FOR PROOFREADING, the rates are much lower. Practically pennies. Payments will just be x amount of ko-fis.

Current translation rate: 0.4¢ per Chinese character
Current proofreading rate: 0.001¢ per English word, if even
Current status: Open


  • All payments go through PayPal.
  • The rate is fixed and will not be rounded up or down. 3rd decimal places involved in final price calculations will be thrown out (e.g. if the final price is 17.54721, it goes straight to 17.54.)
  • Payments are per chapter and must be paid upfront, in full.
  • Bulk orders are possible, and encouraged, because the PayPal fees are less.
  • Due to the unfortunate carbon-copy fees literally every payment processing site under the sun has, those are also included into the final price. These are a .30¢ per-transaction fee, as well as a +2.9% overall fee. (Here’s a link to PayPal’s fees in particular, which are identical to Stripe/Braintree/every damn payment service under the sun. I’ve checked.)
  • Transactions cannot be cancelled once they’ve gone through. On the same note; no refunds, either.

Example transactions are in the collapsible below. Feel free to skip this section if you hate math; I would be doing the calculations in any potential commission, anywho, but I prefer to be transparent in why things are priced such.
e = the variable number that PayPal calculates based on the adjusted baseline price.

Click here for examples.

e = the variable number that PayPal calculates based on the adjusted baseline price.

Chapter 1128 of “Dragon Son Reborn Gets a Big Sword and 100 Wives” is 3071 Chinese characters long.
(3071/100) = $30.71, at a rate of 1¢ per character
30.71 x .4 = 12.284, rate adjusted
12.284 + (.3 + .029(12.284)) = 12.94, + e = $12.96, final total

Chapter 5 of “There’s Beauties Here, There, and Everywhere” is a mere 1634 characters long.
(1634/100) = $16.34, at a rate of 1¢ per character
16.34 x .4 = 6.536, rate adjusted
6.536 + (.3 + .029(6.536)) = 7.025544, decimal places past the 2nd get ignored
7.02 + e = $7.04, final total

Chapter 134 of “I Got Amnesia for No Reason??” is larger-than-average 4782 character long.
(4782/100) = $47.82, at a rate of 1¢ per character
47.82 x .4 = 19.128, rate adjusted
19.128 + (.3 + .029(19.128)) = 19.982712, decimal places past the 2nd get ignored
19.98 + e = $20.01, final total

Chapter 1 of “Transmigration is Horsesh*t, Why Am I Even Here” is a hefty 10096 characters long.
(10096/100) = $100.96, at a rate of 1¢ per character
100.96 x .4 = 40.384, rate adjusted
40.384 + (.3 + .029(40.384)) = 41.855136, decimal places past the 2nd get ignored
41.85 + e = $41.89, final total

Here’s a sales calculator that factors e into the equation for any cross-referencing. (Put the rate adjusted number, not the final, to watch the magic happen.)


  • Chinese-to-English only.
  • RAWs need not be provided as I have My Ways, but they do help. (That being said, if I can’t find the RAWs, then… that’s a problem.)
  • Text-based watermarks (e.g. jjwxc) will naturally not count towards the character total.
  • Author notes are optional, but if chosen, they will count towards the total. However, notes that say something boring (e.g. thanking for donations, saying they’re taking a break, etc.) will be automatically omitted and will not count towards the total.
  • You must be okay with me posting the end result publicly on my site. (Exceptions exist for, say, personal letters and such.)
  • I will not be putting any chapters I’m paid to do up on NovelUpdates myself. Whether anyone else does so anyways is not something I have a say on.
  • I have control over my translation quality, not the novel quality. Just a fair warning.


  • English only.
  • If the article is a Chinese translation, you can give me the original for cross-referencing.
  • …That’s it, really.