FYC Extras 13 – 15

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Character Guide and Glossary

Wang Zhi

You are one that refuses to go unnoticed.

The year he entered the palace, Wang Zhi was no older than nine. He was not like those children of impoverished families, forced into this to live and voluntarily entering the palace to seek riches. His father and grandfather were Yao of Guangxi, and because their rebel army had been defeated and captured, their descendants suffered involvement as prisoners of war. Wang Zhi and the children of other ethnicities had all been sent into the palace to become attendants.


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Character Guide and Glossary

One thought on “FYC Extras 13 – 15

  1. Hahaha those three extras are perfection!

    Whang Zhi being Wang Zhi and the throw back to the beginnings.
    Tang Fan and Sui Zhou moon watching… I think this is the only novel where I’ve sort of wished for more “romantic” scenes. The way the author portrays them just sharing their day, hopes and view on life, finding strength and comfort in each other, is much more compelling -to me- that the usual tropy scenes. But this is like maybe the second or third one in the whole novel? XD
    And the emperor is toot sweet…
    Oh and the He Lin cameo! The povs are always so well handled in this novel.

    Thank you for translating!


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