FYC Extras 7 – 9

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Character Guide and Glossary

The Sui Family

Sui Zhou’s arrival made his parents very watchful.

Over these years, he had sent no lack of people bearing gifts to their home, but because he was very busy with work, the number of times he was able to return was ultimately limited. The Sui parents preferring their eldest son was a fact that couldn’t be disputed, too; now that he had children, they were too occupied with coddling their grandchildren to pay attention to their second son.


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC Extras 7 – 9

  1. Hahaha unexpected pirates attack! It almost feel like straying a new arc in the middle of the sweet nothings… Oh maybe it’s for a Wang Zhi send-off? He did want more military achievements…

    Thank you for the translation!


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