FYC 106: Fine Jade Strung By Beaded, Silken Thread

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Character Guide and Glossary

Tang Fan carefully mulled over his sister’s words, getting the overall sense that there was a deeper meaning within them, and seemingly another motive.

In truth, from the time he had returned home drunk from Wang Zhi’s home to today, more than a half a year’s time had passed.


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Character Guide and Glossary

8 thoughts on “FYC 106: Fine Jade Strung By Beaded, Silken Thread

  1. Haha, this impulsive, badly thought through, prone to misunderstanding or over-interpretation love-token feels too real XD

    And having the He’s point of view on Tang Fan political situation is great!
    Thank you for the chapter!


  2. Thank you for the chapter ❤
    Congratulations on your translation milestone -celebrates-

    Hahaha still can't help laughing at the thought of such a Tang Fan thing to do, giving a token that smells of food XD

    Good luck Sui Zhou with that realisation!


  3. Mmmm, now to enjoy the unresolved tension of that eggplant scented jade gift scene. I’m so happy for them.

    Thank you for translating!


  4. Chichi that poetry paragraph was so beautiful 😍 thank you so much. I read it over and over 👏👏🙏🙏🌹🌹


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