FYC 1: Floating Like a Roaming Cloud

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This isn’t the full version; see the ToC for the full version on Google Docs, or click above. Ellipsis at the end means it’s unfinished.

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Character Guide and Glossary

[Arc 1: The Case of the Marquis Wu’an Estate]

The capital.

At near noon, two people walked out of Jubilance.

The leading one was a coxcomb, his face white with a sparse beard. An everyday set of clothes covered his body similar to how it would have covered a bamboo pole, and beneath his eyes were a pair of blue-black circles. He yawned for every two steps he took.


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Character Guide and Glossary

6 thoughts on “FYC 1: Floating Like a Roaming Cloud

  1. Thank you for choosing to translate this novel! I initially found it when the drama was announced. I’m fond of BL adaptations. I was reluctant to start reading back then as I wasn’t sure if it’s good, moreover it wasn’t fully translated. But already now I have no patience left to delay any longer as I am completely in love with drama and must read its original.
    Thank you again 🙂 You translate it beautifully and quite fast as well. Therefore, I believe I will be able to enjoy reading and won’t have to suffer too much while awaiting for updates.


  2. Oh god. Thank you for picking up this novel!! I’ve watched the drama and I love it. I can imagine the novel would be so so much better in portraying the main OTP relationship. Thats why I’ve been dying to read a good translation of the novel.


  3. Wow I am so happy you picked it up I will be able to read it till the end! Thank you and lots of love!


  4. OMG thank you so much for picking this up!!! I’ve watched the TV drama – not the best so i’ve wanted to read this so much. Love your work. Happy holidays. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, thank you for picking up The Fourteenth Year of Chenghua – I’ve been wanting to read this for ages! You’re truly doing God’s work 😭


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