LS 73: The Final Battle (3)

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On the first of October, defense of the Great Unity failed.

On the twenty-third of October, Xuancheng City was captured.

At the end of October, Jing Pass was captured.


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13 thoughts on “LS 73: The Final Battle (3)

  1. Omg the end is almost here which I can’t wait for but then this beautiful story will gone🥺😢…Can you give me some ideas of what to read next? I read the Golden Stage, that you translated.., Through the Strait gates, Faraway Wanders, Guardian, the Untamed,..I’m “trying” 🙄🤦‍♀️ To read Heaven’s Officials Blessing but the translation is giving me a headache 🤕..maybe I just need to keep searching boy I wish that was one you had done 😢….obviously I like the Bl novels…so far the story line and characters have been great in these…oh and Silent Reading ..if I.m remembering correctly it was a long modern day detective story where the 2 main characters were badass detective and and young spoiled elite heir….anyway thanks in advance…
    I’ll be waiting anxiously for YOUR translations!!!! Cannot thank you enough for your awesome translations and the stories you pick…. ❤️

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  2. Best if the enemies underestimate the lady general. It would lead them to their death.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work bringing this to us so diligently 🙏🌹💜🌻🌈❤️🌸


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