LS 67: A Blood-Colored Night

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Helian Pei’s consciousness became increasingly lethargic. That previous bout of illness had already hollowed out his barely-existing foundation, and with this fright, it seemed like he was about to die. The time he was awake during the day was lesser, and he had to muster his energy to listen to Helian Yi on the daily. The majority of the time, before the other had finished speaking, he would fall back into sleep.

Everyone could plainly tell that while the Crown Prince was still living in the East Palace right now, it probably wouldn’t be long until places were changed.


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16 thoughts on “LS 67: A Blood-Colored Night

  1. i’m so sad for both of them god this is such a huge shock, even if jing qi doesn’t love him anymore it’s still a huge blow. and i love helian yi so seeing him so heartbroken pains me. idk why someone said he would’ve done something to jing qi if he went see him, he said he just wanted to see and feel him, this isn’t the same helian yi from his previous life, we’ve seen what he thinks and he’s just so shocked he doesn’t know how to act. he could do something in the future but I don’t think this night that would’ve happened. it’s good that beiyuan leaves the capital at the end, it’s better that they don’t see each other again, there’s too many mixed feelings, too many doubts, there’s no good ending for them even as friends

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  2. I still don’t believe they were brothers though. Everything is pretty sketchy so far. HLP could’ve been nice to JBY just because his face resembles his mother. I’m skeptical mainly because even if HLP is not close to any of his sons, he wouldn’t easily get suspicious enough to be ok with them not having any heirs. That’s not an attitude one has towards their sons no? But when he was sick, his attitude towards JBY was also pretty weird so it’s pretty sketchy. I’m still wavering on wether he banged the mom and caused her death with the pregnancy and the lady couldn’t accept the baby so she didn’t even try living? Also, maybe the father was also not happy because of this and killed himself? Idk…so sketchy.

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  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful translation, I’m really enjoying the story! I’m a bit confused though, sometimes it says that JQ waited by the Three-Life rock for three hundred years, but I feel like in earlier chapters it’s also been said that he waited for 63 years. Is it that the 300 years is like the total amount of time he waited over all seven reincarnations, and the 63 years is just how much time he spent waiting between the 6th and 7th reincarnation?


  4. I finished reading Faraway Wanderers first so I’m curious about Lord Seventh. Anyway, even in the 1st chapter of FW, I already got a bad feeling about Helian Yi.

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  5. Ok …BEST translator EVER after I found your site by accident I went back to 1st chapter & started all over again 🤩 I know translations take a while but will be checking frequently DO NOT want to read anyone else’s period!
    Now big shock finding out JQ & HY are blood brothers especially after the original lifetime where they were together & each one’s lover when JQ got pulled out of that lifetime together AND it’s seems they both are remembering with major shock …anyway can’t wait to read your excellent work to finish out the book…also is their a site or your blog to find your other works to read?? 🤩


  6. OMG…you are best translator ever!! Had read some chapters from another that were only a few done 🥺 THEN I found yours & it was like holy shit‼️SOI went back to the first chapter and started all over… spent many nights till after 3am reading ❤️ I know it takes a while to get the chapters translated but going crazy…. and how about Heilan YI & JQ turning out to being blood brothers with their history before 7th re-incarnations??!! I so hope JQ & Wuxi finally get together 🥺 anyway you’re the best!!


  7. Thank you for the chapter😍🌹

    Oh, Wuxi’s name was not mentioned once today * tears *😭


  8. Oh my it was so devastating…JQ is so miserable, he forgot he can at least take what he have, instead he lives in fear of what might come…Quite a depression…

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