LS 65: With a Gentleman All One’s Life

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The breath that struck at his face seemed to bring strong despair with it, the smell of rust spreading outwards. Jing Qi felt that both his lips were pained to numbness, and he wanted to push him away, but his entire person was firmly confined in Wu Xi’s arms.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t kick him away and come to blows, either. Jing Qi knew that his own three-legged-cat-of-all-trades arts weren’t enough, but they weren’t so bad that he had no margin for resistance at all.


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16 thoughts on “LS 65: With a Gentleman All One’s Life

  1. theyre definitely brothers. jing qi had that memory of his ‘dad’ giving handing him over to helian pei and saying “you’re the only blood relation he has left”. it was after his mother died im p sure. so his ”’dad”’ probably isnt biologically related to him, but helian pei is probably his biological father. the photo of his mother under helian pei’s bed kinda confirms it… jesus
    (i could be wrong tho)


  2. Is this the reason he killed Jing Qi in his first life? Because he started to think his identity could become a threat to him? Even if his dad loved his mom it doesn’t mean it was reciproqued or Jing Qi was their child. But Helian Yi is so suspicious that it doesn’t matter anymore. The seed is planted in his mind. And Helian Zhao plan to divide to conquer might succeed.

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  3. I think HLY and JQ really were half brothers so that was the reason why they were ill-fated in their other lives, which were JQ’s past reincarnations, and thus JQ suffered through all of it since he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with HLY.

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  4. Maybe… Maybe It’s just Helian Zhao’s strategy to make Helian Yi kill his loyal right hand. If Ji Qing is really his half-brother, then he’ll want to get rid of him.

    Ahhhhhhhh that Kiss! Ji Qing teaching Wu Xi to Kiss is a dream come True!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  5. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔
    It was mentioned in the past that the emperor and Jing’s father were in love
    with one woman, but the emperor withdrew ….
    Tears ,Never be honest, translator
    If it’s like you say then thanks to Waxi for cutting their love in first life
    Tears, tears, screams, damn what all this nonsense.
    I think I’ll be dead before the next chapter is published

    Because of this foolish emperor and his sons, I don’t want Jing to be part of this disgusting family

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  6. Thank you! Noooo JQ might be HY half brother?? Ugh now he will kill him for sure that heartless beast… Tho I loved this chapter I am no fun of mad possesivenes…

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  7. Wait a minute. Where did assassins come from? What made HLP suspect HLY? Did I miss something in a previous chapter or is the author summarizing what happened instead of going into detail.

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    • Good question. I had to go doublecheck myself to see if I accidentally skipped something, but… nada.

      Sending assassins to scare his own dad into not leaving the capital is very HLY, though.

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