LS 41: A Secret in Bloom

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“The advance-retreat approach consists of retreating after you’ve advanced and advancing after you’ve retreated.” Jing Qi was loosely draped in a light-blue robe, its white collar contrasting with a strand of his uncombed, inkstroke-esque hair that had fallen, since he had just woken up from an afternoon nap. Reclining on a chaise with his eyes half-lidded, he had a slightly nasally tone to his words; clarity in the young man’s voice had already initiated at some unknown interim, gradually getting polished into a deep and low sound by time, which his each and every unhurried word like a strike on one’s heart. “Bystanders all believe that when you advance, you then must take some steps back in retreat, so as to avoid blocking the path of one whose path shouldn’t be blocked. Bystanders all believe that when you retreat, you must advance regardless — that’s what is called ‘pushing forwards despite a hundred thousand people opposing me.'”

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5 thoughts on “LS 41: A Secret in Bloom

  1. My heart broke 💔for WX when he recited ‘to take their hands and grow old with them’ and my heart broke 💔again when I read the Prince going to see a catamite. How will WX react when he finds out?! But also the things this Prince needs to do just to stay alive!!! 😢💔
    Thank you so much for your wonderful work and dedication to these frequent updates. Appreciate you dearly🌹🙏💜🌻

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