LS 37: Catching a Colossal Rat

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The inside of the yellow-tinged envelope was packed thick with a pile of stuff. Li Yannian’s familial background, relatives, and even the whole course of his forty-three years of life were all listed out, article by article and in no specific order of importance, using tiny, flyhead script. He read it down ten lines a second. The more he saw, the more fearful he became, and when he got to the end, both of his hands were trembling uncontrollably.

As if there had been a pair of eyes nearby him for all his years, staring, a layer of bone-penetrating chill scattered across his back. Jing Qi gently pushed down his wine cup. “You’re truly very fortunate, Sir, to be in deep love with your wife. As an appointed Dynasty official, you have droves of maidservants at home, but you still being able to eat sweets that the venerable Madam had personally cooked up on the day of the Kitchen Sacrifice is truly to be envied.”


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9 thoughts on “LS 37: Catching a Colossal Rat

  1. The Liu jiuxiao being dumb is just so that us the dumbest can have it easy to understand. And appreciated are the authors as they quite has the knowledge of playing psychologically and having the characters scheme mentally and understand the psychology behind people doing what they do.

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    • thanks to him, jing qi had to explain things and in the process, we’re also able to understand what’s going on


  2. Wow.. Jing Qi managed to turn a previously difficult situation into a win win for all situation. This guy’s brain is really amazing 😍

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  3. oh i’m so excited to their reunion!!!~ and i did read this chapter more than one to understand how Jing Qi manage to defeat those corrupt official. many thanks to the translators efforts~

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  4. Omg. It was over just like that!! So clever! So clean. 😮😮🥳
    How will he handle Xiao Wu ? Or how will Xiao Wu handle him?? 😛

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  5. I had to reread the first half to understand everything. Jing Qi is so clever. And everything ended well. Great.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. Ahhhh thanks for the chapter!!!!

    tbh I’m feeling a bit like Liang Jiuxiao right now 😅 –I wonder if he’s gonna pose as a concubine somehow to pit Helian Zhao? hmmm not fully seeing the big picture scheme


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