LS 33: Enough Wealth for a Whole Nation

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Prince Nan’ning’s Estate, which had been still for many years, seemed to have become a high-demand sweet cake in the span of a night. Over several days, guests arrived in a continuous stream, heavy carriage traffic right before its gate. Jing Qi, feeling that his face had already gone somewhat stiff from smiling, thus sighed in lament. Leaning on the doorway and selling smiles to entertain the guests coming and going all the time was indeed a variety of physical toil.

Wu Xi, upon circling back from that day with Nuahar below Jadeite, couldn’t sleep a wink at night, as he thought that the man had made sense. So long as there was sincerity between them, whoever the other party was — man or woman — really made no difference. He had that figured out all of a sudden.


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8 thoughts on “LS 33: Enough Wealth for a Whole Nation

  1. Thanks for the chapter. And thanks for picking up Fourtheenth Year of Chenghua as well, I had been waiting for so long. I also realized that I’ve read Golden Stage from this website last year. Wow.


  2. *sighs* and now Wu Xi has to go through months of yearning while Jing Qi has to clean up a huge mess… I kinda feel like the latter will still have more fun than the former xD


  3. OHHH. I didn’t know you were translating this novel too. But I’m glad. I really enjoyed your Golden Stage translation, so count me in to follow you in this too.

    Wu Xi has acknowledged his feelings at last!!! YEAH! When Jing Qi returns, they will be much more intense after this long time of separation.

    I hope Jing Qi can slap this people’s faces. No one can deceive him!

    Thanks for the chapter and your hard work!


  4. Aw, Wu Xi was just having a mental breakdown caused by certain Jing Qi and now he misses him and thinks about him Everytime and everywhere.

    Many thanks for the chapter!!!


  5. ahhhh thanks so much for the chapter!!!
    hmmm I wonder how Jing Beiyuan will manage this, given that pretty much his entire entourage is on Helian Zhao’s side.
    ahhhhhhhhh and I love love love Wu Xi’s pining :yearningface:


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