GS 61: Staying or Going

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Over the century or so since the Great Zhou’s founding, Sun Yunchun had been the unluckiest Emperor in its history, without contest.

On his first day in power, there was no paying respects to the Ancestral Temple nor ceremony held, the governmental officials hadn’t reacted yet, and he hadn’t even gotten to warm up the Dragon Throne by sitting on it, as he had received word of an urgent military matter occurring in Beijiang.


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16 thoughts on “GS 61: Staying or Going

  1. If… he died on Beijiang’s battlefield, just like Fu Tingxin, what would Yan Xiaohan do?

    This sentence wrench my heart 😭 Fu Shen is ready to the defend the country with his life….


  2. We never met Prince Su but we all seem to love him. Wish the author would write about them in a reincarnated life 😕❤️

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  3. I feel so sd for Prince of Su and Fu TingXin. Such deep and tragic love. At least they are together now. I was just hoping to see the Prince of Su perhaps become the new Emperor but it’s not going to happen. He remain faithful to the love of his life and refuse to marry.

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    • And I feel the Zhes and Tartars might have their own spies at court, for them to know the exact time when Prince Jin usurped the throne to attack hand-in-hand, after all these seven years of waiting…🤔
      When FS arrived at the Yan Army, even I nearly cried, just like that soldier!😭


  4. I feel like I’m commenting on every other chapter now lol, I’ve been binging this since yesterday…


  5. I cried when we found out about the prince of su’s death 💀

    Thank you for the chapter ~


  6. I was wondering what happened to him? The Prince of Su finally does something, but ends up dying in battle…..oh, well……Wonder who could have pulled this off on such a large scale and well-coordinated too. I don’t think the Prince of Jin planned all of this. I don’t think he was that intelligent. I’m still thinking Fu Shen’s third uncle as something to do with all this……


  7. I have a feeling that the story about the older generation of the Fu family would be quite amazing as well *sad for their untimely endings*

    Fu Shen’s decision… As much as I dislike the main characters being separated, I cannot blame him after all.

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  8. Many thanks for the chapter! ✌
    Total chaos. On another note, glad FuShen is thinking like a married man now 👍😉


  9. Ohhhhhhhh. How many things happened here! The country is in turmoil. Who can fix that? I’m glad Fu Shen is not even trying to fight. His Yan Xiaohan is waiting to reunite with him, after all. Even If It’s a lot of Time till they meet each other.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  10. Sun Yunchun had been the unluckiest Emperor in its history, without contest. -he reaped what he sow.. but gahd this chapter was such a big storm unleashing it’s fullest– everything is in disarray, and both of them are far from seeing each other.. I guess the emperor and his clan finally got what they deserved.. as to who was scheming this– is it possible that it was Fu Shen’s third uncle? They were seiged from all directions.. will the barbarians get roped in.. huhu i fear for the general.. TvT oh noes (x100)

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇 but on the side note.. Fu Shen and Gu Yun (sha po lang) are really alike hahaha


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