GS 52: Healing

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Purportedly, for fallnight white addiction, the previous three days had been the most dangerous and difficult. Yan Xiaohan had been convinced by the old doctor’s fearmongering so he had prepared himself to climb up a ladder of knives and jump into a sea of fire, but who could’ve known that he would have the ‘omnipotent’ Marquis of Jing Ning on hand? Those recollections that should have been terrifying and gloomy were instead wrapped in sweetness, and didn’t seem so painful.

However, the withdrawal’s flare-ups would make him muddleheaded. He had repeatedly warned himself in advance not to demand too much, but oftentimes, after he had woken back up, he would discover that Fu Shen’s energy had been drained from him going crazy.


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15 thoughts on “GS 52: Healing

  1. This whole novel gives the vibe off “healing one’s broken heart” . Their love is so warm, healthy , and not a bit toxic. If you are in low mood, just take this novel and start reading….


  2. “Yan  Meng’gui, I can’t fucking wait to hold you in my hands and cherish you like a precious treasure,  and that ended up amounting to ‘forcing’ myself, in your head? Did your conscience get eaten up  by dogs?!”

    RIP. I am dead. It’s official.

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  3. typo on the last word of: ‘Like a ladle of water poured onto an open fire, Fu Shen’s sneer went stiff on his face, his frustration completely seized.’ ceased?

    (also i’m enjoying reading this, thank you for all your hard work!!!)


  4. Hope YXH will not think low of himself anymore aft this episode. Anyway its great to see our couple expressing their inner feelings for each other in these recent chapters ❤

    Thanks for the chapter 👍

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  5. FS loved him. They’re reciprocating each other’s feelings but YXH just can’t implicate FS. I hope this would wake YXH not to put FS in a high pedestal, they’re equal now~ as a marriage couple fufu

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!~ 🙇🙇🙇🙇

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  6. Thank you for the chapter!

    I really loved the bit where Yan Xiaohan realised that Fu Shen will be there to help him up right when he falls. He’s eager to protect, but being protected as well isn’t so bad, and no one’s forcing anyone ahhhhhh

    They’re painstakingly in love 😭💕

    Looking forward to the next chapters 👀

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  7. I hope this ‘treatment’ for Yan Xiaohan’s withdrawal Will help him to finally understand Fu Shen’s feelings. They stand as equals, as a couple wich loves each other tenderly and passionatelly. No one is there forced or out of obligation.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  8. I wonder which gentleman was “doted” upon by the other this time? Hmm (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

    Thanks for the update 💕

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    • Check who drinks the tonic in the next chapter to know… but probably it was Fu Shen, who got pressed against a tree.


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