GS 20: An Empty Valley

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A night within an uninhabited mountain in the back-country was actually quite dangerous, when one thought about it. They were both wounded, heavy rain was pouring down outside, the mountain had no shortage of poisonous insects and wild beasts, and the risk of rockslides was there at all times. Yet, every time Fu Shen recalled that night, his most profound memory was that of dropping onto his back, then having someone gently soothe him to sleep.

It was to the extent that even after so many years, falling into that same man’s embrace again still felt familiar.


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26 thoughts on “GS 20: An Empty Valley

  1. Ok, let’s all just melt from that “Gege” 😆😆💗💗💗 too cute…… they are giving me nosebleed (^་།^)


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