GS 11: Scoping Out

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The high fever burned from dusk until midnight. By the time Fu Shen completely woke up, it was the tail-end of the Rat.(~12:30a)

There wasn’t a single sound to be heard in this dead of night. The furnishings in the dimly-lit interior were not arranged in a way that was too familiar to him. A single lantern sat upon the table, casting a hazy, muslin-like glow in a square cun area on the surface around itself. He caught a fine trace of breathing, and upon turning his head for a look, he discovered that there was a low bench arranged across from the bed where Yan Xiaohan was curled up with his back to him, sleeping in his clothes.


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15 thoughts on “GS 11: Scoping Out

  1. It is said for that heir of Prince of Ying.. he lived well, but when he is about to get his real identity, he died.

    Not surprising then for the emperor to be so distrustful and paranoia. He got the throne through deception. Did he ever sleep peacefully after ascession. Pathetic imho. I wonder how his ending will be?

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    • I was thinking the same . He is wary of anyone and everyone. Although it might seem like a good strategy , in the end he will be left standing alone with everyone stabbing his back and nobody to protect him.

      Liked by 4 people

  2. So both of them are around 23 y.o…😍 I guess our Marquis might be a bit older than YXH…🤭


      • That’s young. I thought he’d be in his late 20s considering how experienced he is to alr become a general and bestowed marquis title… he moved out, guard the Northern border, it is said that he hardly return home, dont have a wife. You’d think he’s alr 29-33… 😮😮


  3. Been hoping for the last few chapters there will be a rebellion lmao. This is the emperor protecting himself but I can’t help really disliking both him and the crown prince


  4. Ohh, that’s why he’s trying to kill Fu Shen! The general was bringing to the capital the True heir to the throne! It really makes sense, but the emperor is still horrible. Ugh.

    They’re staring each other already, hahaha

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  5. Thank you for the absolutely great translation for this chapter!

    I am so excited about this political struggle plotline. It’s really one of the biggest appeal of this novel.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Same here! The political machinations is well thought out.

      Just out of curiosity, does FS call YX Mister Yan in Chinese? Is it semi-formal (as opposed to calling him by his title or by his given name)?

      Thanks so much for the chapter!


      • He calls him Yan-daren, as the narration sometimes does. I change ‘daren’ into Mister or Sir depending on context; Shen Yi’ce calls him Sir as someone of lower rank, and Fu Shen calls him Mister due to being of equal/higher rank, but both are -daren in Chinese.


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