GS 10: In Illness

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“Fu Shen!”

A murky call entered his ears. He was still conscious, but his body had lost sensation, the sound of the rain following suit like a shadow. Someone leaned over to hold him, a sort of vague familiarity to their touch.


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23 thoughts on “GS 10: In Illness

  1. I am loving the characterisation. A lot of authors tend to excel in creating one character of a CP but I can clearly see the characters of both Fu and Yan.


  2. Yep, the emperor is not right in the head. I want to hear the people’s gossip about him cutting off Fu Shen’s potential heirs. Everyone can definitely read the insult in it.

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  3. I just found this gem.
    Dr is nice. I like his attitude. I bet he could really cure Fu Shen. Just hope his mouth wont get him killed lol. The last part was hilarious. And yes.. the Emperor is not just insane but dumb.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. YEAH ‼️You’re back!!! Cannot say how happy I am to read yet another novel you’ve translated…it’s like I’ll be following you instead of authors 🤣 So far really enjoying this novel and already know even at the beginning I’m going to love it!!
    Anxiously awaiting Lord Seventh to be finished by you!! In the meantime I have this one to look forward to enjoy !!!


  5. Thank You for translating this so well. I usually don’t like historical novels but the high rating lead me to start reading and your excellent translation is keeping me interested.


  6. I recently discovered this novel, and despite having only read a few chapters, I can already predict it’s going to end up in my list of favorites. Thank you for picking up GS and for the hard work; your translation flows very well!

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  7. Hhhh my heart is so tender over how Yan Xiaohan cares for Fu Shen. Really looking forward to seeing their relationship develop even more

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  8. Thank you for picking up the novel and for the high quality translation!
    I have a soft spot for historical settings, main leads who mutually respect each other and palace/royal court intrigues, so being able to continue reading this novel makes me really happy.

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  9. Thanks so much! I love everything about Golden Stage so far and appreciate your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Can you tell us a little bit about the author, his/her writing style and what other stories he/she has written?

    I’m on pins and needles and can’t wait for the next chapter!

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    • Oh, Cang Wu Bin Bai? Let’s see here.
      First of all, their name… Cangwu is a place, and binbai is some sort of old Chinese theatre directional term that I honestly don’t understand at all. So I guess their name means “Cangwu, Exit Stage Left”.

      Based purely on Golden Stage, their writing style has a refreshing amount of variety in a language that’s much more lenient about repetition than English would be. Unlike other things I’ve worked on, their diction doesn’t need very much tweaking to ‘flow’ better, and I haven’t needed to crop out anything redundant thus far.

      Golden Stage is by far their most popular work. Most else of what else they’ve finished working on is in a modern setting: Golden Silk Myna, Breakup Transition Period, Standing in for Each Other, Love in Dou Dizhu… no English translations, and they’re not my cup of tea.

      Of note, there’s a piece of theirs called Return to the Jade Capital with a 0 word count, labelled “a stack of blank paper”… must’ve been dropped. There’s also what looks like a one-shot that got locked (censored).

      They’re in the process of making a new series called Spring Wind Passing the Blade that’s also a historical piece, apparently featuring righteous x demonic like MDZS. Exciting :>

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      • Thank you! I didn’t expect a writing duo, but maybe it contributes to the interesting dynamic and different points of views of FS and YX. Regardless, they always grudgingly respect and understand each other’s differences even if the don’t agree with it. I hope we get to see more of this since they’ll be living together 🙂

        For non-Chinese speakers, it’s always fun to learn more about the authors’ writing styles. I don’t know myself, but from other translators/readers, I learned that novels like NIF, Guardian, Living to Suffer/TDDUP are more difficult to translate.

        Spring Wind Passing the Blade sounds interesting. I’ll definitely read it if someone translates it!

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